What does the future of intelligent technology look like?
Show me the future
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Which of the following digital assistants have you used?

How often do you use a digital voice assistant?

For example, to perform a search, open an app, dial a phone number.

How useful do you think digital assistants are at the moment?

If you don't use one often enough to have an opinion, just skip this question.
How optimistic are you about the future of artificial intelligence?

When will computer conversations be indistinguishable from human conversations?

When will computers achieve human-like intelligence?

When will computers develop human-like creativity?

When will smartphones disappear, the way pagers and Walkmans did before?

When you hear the word "singularity" how do you feel?

This is the hypothetical runaway of artificial superintelligence. It leaves human intelligence in the dust, and transforms human civilization as we know it today.

Any other thoughts or feelings you'd like to share?

A chance to spill your heart–predictions, trends fears, excitements... what's on your mind?
Thanks {{answer_48175575}}!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” 
― Eleanor Roosevelt
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